Managing responsible investments for Norway’s largest asset manager

19 February 2024

One year after graduating with an MSc in Finance from BI, Kristine Alm Karsrud works as an Investment Analysts at DNB Aassets Management, specializing in sustainable equity investments related to the ocean and climate.

“To be a part of DNB is a fantastic opportunity for future career development, given that it is an organization with diverse business areas, excellent programmes and exciting projects. I have the privilege of working in a team with two other skilled colleagues, where we manage DNB Future Waves, a global sustainable equity fund. This involves investments in global stocks related to the blue and green economy,” says Karsrud. 

DNB Future Waves is a SFDR article nine fund, meaning that its investments should contribute to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. SFDR stands for “Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations”, which is the EU regulatory framework governing the disclosure of how sustainability advice is handled by financial advisors. The regulations mandate, among other things, that all financial advisors in Norway publish a statement describing how sustainability is integrated into their practices. 

“In my role, I am able to closely monitor the stock market, track developments in the global economy, explore thematic issues and companies, and then apply this knowledge through stock investments and portfolio construction in collaboration with two portfolio managers in the fund. I engage in daily discussions with them and learn a lot.”

The former BI student is excited by the responsibility she has been given and the opportunity to shape her own role and workday. 

“We collaborate closely, engage in discussions, and exchange knowledge to strengthen each other’s expertise. As a former athlete, there are many similarities.”

For a long time, the dream was to pursue a professional career in skiing, football or dancing. In the US, she financed her college studies as an active cross-country skier. In her current role, she finds use for many of the skills she acquired over the years as an athlete. 

“Cross-country skiing is currently my favourite form of relaxation. However, I notice many similarities between high-level sports and a financial job in asset management. There are many aspects from my days as an athlete that I now get to challenge myself with through my job.”

“Both finance and sports are about leveraging past experiences to improve, being dedicated in your work or training every day, collaborating as a team, and believing in yourself even when things are not going well. Both allow for various approaches, with the key being to find what works best for you.”

International Stock Analysis Competition

Throughout her studies, she has also experienced the competitive spirit. In 2022, she along with three other classmates, participated in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, which is a stock analysis competition with prestigious educational institutions from around the world. Participants take on the role of analysts, competing to present the best analysis to a panel of professional analysts and asset managers. 

“It was really exciting to receive recognition for the time and effort that I, along with my other three talented teammates, invested in the competition. It allowed us to step outside of our comfort zones and gain unique experiences, all while providing us with practical experience in stock analysis and modeling.”

“Additionally, this was also a unique opportunity to learn presentation skills, engage with companies, and connect with the industry professionals. I can safely recommend this experience to other finance students.” 

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