Linzhuo Wang wins funding for megaproject-research

30 May 2024

The Project Management Institute has awarded funding to Associate Professor Linzhuo Wang’s research project on sustainability in megaprojects.

“The outcome of this project will provide practical guidance to owners and contractors of megaprojects on how to design governance practices efficiently and effectively, including specific rules, regulations, and reward systems. This allows them to realize the maximal project ESG performance and form sustainable collaborations,” says Wang.

Linzhuo Wang

He is Associate Professor at the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, specializing in project management and megaprojects.

“The Project Management Institute is the world's largest community for project management professionals.,” says Head of the Department of Ledership and Organizational Behaviour Thorvald Hærem.

"Wang's research can contribute to changing how we understand governance within project management, paving the way for more sustainable collaborations, with important implications for how megaprojects are governed,” Hærem continues.

The project entitled “Governing for ESG performance in megaprojects: An inter-organizational perspective” aims to develop a framework governing project ESG performance. It will run until the end of 2025. Wang will collaborate closely with Ralf Müller and Anne Live Vaagaasar from BI, Ole Jonny Klakegg from NTNU Norwegian University of Science and technology, and Yongijan Ke from Unviversity of Technology Sydney.

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