About BI

Changes to login process

From Wednesday 12 October there are changes to how you log in to the Student portal, itslearning, Insendi and Panopto.

Your username for logging in will now be:
s-number@bi.no (e.g. s1234567@bi.no)

When do I use this username?
The username will be your login to all our systems, such as the student portal, Feide, Wiseflow, itslearning, Panopto, Zoom and Office365.

This has not changed:

  • Your current password is the same and will work with the username. If you have forgot your password, this can be reset via the student portal
  • You have the same s-number as before, but you must add @bi.no to log in to the student systems

Improved security
Due to an increased need for IT security, we are implementing multi-factor authentication for login to most of our systems. 

When you log in, in addition to your username/password, you must also confirm with an SMS code or via the Microsoft Authenticator app.

If you already have registered your mobile number correctly at BI, you will receive an SMS code when you log in. Students who do not receive an SMS must register the multi-factor authentication and the desired method of approval at the first login.

Login to the Alumni portal and Career portal
The login to the Alumni portal and the Career portal has not changed. If you cannot log in to the student portal, you can access the services via the links below:

Do you need any assistance?
If you need help or have any questions related to the new solution, you can contact InfoHub at info@bi.no or call +47 464 10 000 to get assistance from our IT supervisors.