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Programme Quality System

BI's Programme Quality System (PQS) is used in relation to the development, delivery and evaluation of our programmes and courses.

The PQS consists of tools and procedures we use for collaboration in our quality work. The tools support systematic improvement of our programmes and courses to ensure that BI delivers high quality education.

All components in the PQS aim to ensure structured, systematic, and transparent quality work. The goal of the PQS is therefore to help and ensure that quality development and quality assurance is done in a structured way through defined quality areas, common processes, routines, and roles (who-does-what) across the organisation.

The overall purpose of the PQS is to:

  • Ensure that BI develops high quality programmes and graduates in line with its strategic ambitions.
  • Support BI’s core value to be unconditionally committed to student success and the students’ learning journey.
  • Ensure transparency and involvement that engage employees, students and external stakeholders– to contribute to the quality work.
  • If you want to know more about the PQS, you will find a more detailed overview of how BI works with programme quality in the PQS description.

Programme Quality System

Contact info

Do you have any questions or comments about the PQS? Please send an e-mail to kari.a.sverre@bi.no