Our strategy

Our strategic plan for 2015 – 2018 can be summarized in three words: “International”, “Impact” and “Interaction”.

Our Vision

BI Norwegian Business School will be a leading business school in Europe attracting the best students and excellent faculty, both in terms of research and teaching. With the best minds on our team we are going to have an impact on international research, on the students' learning, and on the practice in the business and public sector.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build the knowledge economy and improving businesses through empowering people.

Our Aspirations

BI Norwegian Business School will rank among the top 20 business schools in Europe through:

  • Excellent research with impact
  • Attractive study programmes
  • Outstanding learning experience
  • Graduates in high demand

Our Core Values

  • Student oriented: BI employees put students first
  • Academic freedom and integrity: BI employees honour academic values
  • Respect, responsibility and ethical awareness: BI employees manage their positions in a responsible manner
  • Excellence in research, teaching and support services: BI employees nurture a culture of continuous improvement

Strengthen faculty quality

  • Target faculty recruitment
  • Reinforce faculty management with a focus on performance management
  • Develop PhD programmes as a driving force for BI's academic reputation

Strengthen programme quality

  • Increase interaction between faculty, businesses and students
  • Improve student and faculty exchange by creating strategic alliances with leading business schools
  • Increase interaction between faculty, market divisions and quality assurance in programme development

Strengthen delivery quality

  • Deliver cutting-edge teaching by stimulating pedagogic development and innovation
  • Improve learning outcome through more efficient individual follow-up
  • Create an inspirational 1st year experience

Strengthen graduate quality

  • Enhance MSc and EMBA student recruitment
  • Integrate skills development, ethical and critical reasoning in programmes' learning objectives
  • Increase international placement through career services

Strengthen relationship quality

  • Increase number of internships and scholarships financed by corporate partners
  • Increase number of chair professors in selected disciplines
  • Establish programme advisory boards

Apply corporate best practices

  • Utilise BI's China experience as a template for further internationalization
  • Digitalise to increase efficiency
  • Ensure cross-functional quality

Read more in our brochure. (pdf.)