About BI

Strategy 2025

"Shaping people and business for an international, digital and sustainable future."

BI aspires to further develop the position as an international, leading European business school. The increasing importance of sustainability, digital transformations, and globalisation redefine businesses and disrupt industries. New jobs need to be created and new industries developed. BI will have a central position in this transformation through research and education.

At BI we proud ourselves on being research based, learning oriented and connected.  Cutting edge research and close connections to business practice is the foundation for developing relevant and attractive programme offerings. Combined with excellent teaching we develop candidates who go on to have a positive impact on society. 

Our Aspirations

BI aspires to be an international, leading European business school. Leading implies having: 

Programmes that:

  • Develop attractive and responsible graduates who combine the knowledge and skills to work effectively and successfully in an international and digital workplace
  • Provide candidates with the best opportunities to maximise their talents and reach their personal goals and aspirations regardless of starting point
  • Ensure relevance for students and employers in a life-long learning perspective

Research that:

  • Advances world-leading research and generates knowledge that is recognised in the international academic community
  • Has impact on practice in business and society

Professional ties between the school and society through focus on alumni, external relations and the business community that substantially enrich research and programmes

Significant contributions to innovation and value creation through sustainable business practices

Our Mission

At BI, we engage with society to co-create an international, digital, and sustainable future. We fulfill our mission of shaping people and business for an international, digital, and sustainable future, by pursuing academic excellence and shaping future careers and businesses, through internationally acclaimed research, high quality education and close interaction with business and society.

A Culture for Quality

All activities related to quality in programme development and management shall be characterised by transparency, engagement, inclusion and documentation, with the purpose of heightening the quality standards and ensure real participation and co-production of quality.

Our core values

BI's strategy 2025

Strategic Priority

The strategy was revised September 2021