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Network and access

Find information about BI's guest network, Eduroam, and Feide.

About eduroam

Eduroam is a global wireless network that gives members of academic institutions worldwide free internet access at academic campuses and certain other locations like a number of airports. There are already several million users of eduroam at more than 6,000 hotspots worldwide.

See eduroam's Norwegian or international website for more information.

Why should you use eduroam?

Eduroam offers secure and encrypted wireless internet access based on the 802.1x standard. If eduroam is available at your location, we recommend that you use this as the security typically exceeds that offered by many commercial wireless networks. In addition, you can use the same user profile wherever eduroam is available. You are authenticated with the user directory of the academic institution to which you belong.

How to use eduroam

Faculty, staff and students at BI must do the following to install and configure a profile for eduroam on their device:

  1. Go to
  2. Select or search for 'BI Norwegian Business School'
  3. The website automatically suggests the appropriate profile for the device you are using (PC/Mac/Linux/iPhone/iPad/Android). Alternatively, you can download the profile for alternative operating systems.
  4. Click on the green button and follow the instructions to install the eduroam profile.
  5. You will, during the installation, be asked for your BI username and password. Important! Use <username> (where <username> is your employee or student username) and your regular password. If you need to change the password, please use (only for BI employees).
  6. When you are at an eduroam location, please select this network and you should be logged on automatically.

If you are an employee or student at another academic institution, please select you institution from the list at and follow the instructions to install the correct profile. Alternatively, visit the website of your academic institution and follow their instructions for installing and configuring eduroam.

Please note that the signal strength and quality of eduroam hotspots around the world will vary. This depends on how eduroam is implemented at each site. Network speed will depend on this and may also vary across different devices.