About BI

International faculty at BI

We invites foreign academic faculty to apply for vacant positions at BI. We also have a visiting program that we may consider to offer for collaborating partners of our permanent faculty.

BI is now well on its way to adapting the organization to the specific needs of international faculty and looks forward to welcoming international faculty that can contribute to BI’s further internationalization.

Permanent positions

Interested in moving to Oslo and to work for BI Norwegian Business School?BI Norwegian Business School frequently advertises permanent positions, see vacant positions.

BI has organised its academic activities into eight research departments covering all of the disciplines that should be found in a modern European business school.

Part of BI's research activity is organised in individual research centres. Please note that all universities and academic institutions in Norway under the University act are subject to some predetermined procedures in order to employ permanent academic staff. And that all applicants will be subject to evaluation on the basis of the academic works and documentation handed in for assessment.

For the appointment of permanent academic or pedagogical staff, an external expert committee will be established. The external assessment committee will evaluate the candidates in accordance with a set of (scientific and pedagogical) criteria stipulated by the government. Then they will nominate and rank the five most qualified applicants.
The external expert assessment constitutes the first part of the procedure. During the second part a Department Council will assess the qualifications of each applicant and provide a total appraisal of the up to five candidates nominated.

Interviews will be conducted, and trial lectures may also be organized by the Department Council. Then the Department Council will nominate the eventual candidate for the position. The nomination will then be submitted to the Senate, whose recommendation is submitted to the President. The nomination process for permanent positions and for professor position may be lengthy and take 6 to 12 months.

Temporary positions

We frequently announce temporary vacant positions within a number of academic fields. 

Adjunct positions
An adjunct position is 20% temporary and flexible position at BI under the assumption they you will remain employed at your main employer. You will be affiliated with one of our departments and are expected to lecture in one/several programs for a period of 1 to 3 years.

You will receive a monthly salary and will come for shorter stays throughout the contract period. Contracts of longer than one year are subject to an evaluation of the candidate required by government regulations.

Substitute positions
BI regularly needs substitutes for permanent faculty on leave. Positions for more than one year will be advertised and are subject to an evaluation of the candidate required by government regulations.

Ph.D programme
BI Norwegian Business School offers a four year Ph.D. programme in business administration. The programme features six areas of specialisation:

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing
  • Leadership and Organization
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

There are regular announcements of PhD scholarships.For further information about admission criteria etc see; Ph.D homepage. For available scholarships see vacant positions.

Assistant professor
Assistant professor positions are temporary, junior positions with a contract period of 2-4 years for candidates holding a doctoral degree. The positions focuses on research and entails max. 70 lecturing hours per year.

Permanent positions may become available during the contract period and can be applied for. Comprehensive compensation and incentive packages are available. All appointed candidates will receive re-location assistance and help with work permit and housing. Normally these positions is announced under vacant positions.

Short-term visiting positions
We would like to learn what you know! In the framework of it’s increased strategic focus on internationalization, BI Norwegian Business School has established an ‘International Visiting faculty Programme’ for short-term visits.

Short-time visits typically last 1 to 4 weeks, with affiliation to one of our departments. Through this programme BI wants to:

  • enable distinguished international faculty to establish, renew or strengthen relationships with BI faculty
  • allow BI students to experience different teaching methods and approaches through guest lectures of visiting faculty in current BI courses or specific seminars

BI’s Visiting faculty Programme is available to holders of a doctoral degree that are currently employed by an international academic institution outside Norway and is affiliated to one of BI's academic faculty. You need to be invited to apply for this program from one of our faculty staff in ordered to be considered.

Mid-term visits

Would you like to come and stay with us for a while?

Mid-term visits typically last 1 to 12 months. The visit can either be self-financed e.g. by your own research funding or a sabbatical leave or by a temporary contract with BI if positions are available. You may contact one of our Head of Deparments for the relevant research area.

It is a prerequisite that you hold a doctoral degree and that you are employed by an international academic institution outside Norway.