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1 September 2017 - Anna Olausson

Lone Holme Bonde has been around the world working and studying since she was 19. Today she shaping the digital customer experiences of insurance company Gjensidige.

You moved to Brussels directly after high school as an au pair, what lessons did you learn from this?
A lot, both on a personal and professional level, including a new language (French) and many new cultures as I lived with a French-Italian family in the culturally composite European capital. I also learned what direction I wanted for my career, and that I could live in another country than my native country.

You were awarded Best student at BI and last year you were named Marketer of the Year in Norway. Have you always had a strong driving force?
I have always automatically done the best I can and sought challenges and opportunities to learn new things, so I suppose that can be labelled as drive. I hesitate to call it that because it has not been for a particular goal, but to explore the unknown.

You work at Gjensidige, a big insurance company. Why is it the right job for you?
It is a highly dynamic organisation and Gjensidige has given given me a large range of different experiences and opportunities over the years. And my skillful and engaged colleagues are a daily source of motivation.

How would you describe your job?
I am fortunate enough to be responsible for the team that works with shaping the digital customer experiences at Gjensidige. It is highly motivating to work with our best people in user experience, digital design, web analytics, search optimisation and content strategy to create the best customer experiences.

What is your best recipe to cope with intensive work periods?
Organise your professional time efficiently to cope with the periods when you work intensively and late, at the same time planning time with family, friends and engaging in your hobbies.

How do you keep colleagues energized?
Celebrate the little successes as well as the big; a high five or a shared “Yes!” can be just as rewarding and motivating as a more formal celebration. Facilitating social activities, to get to know each other outside work.


  • AGE: 32
  • LIVES IN: Oslo
  • COMPANY: Gjensidige Forsikring AS
  • JOB TITLE: Head of Customer experience
  • WORKS WITH: Digital channels for customer communication
  • PROGRAMME AT BI: MSc International Marketing and Management 2010
  • ENJOYS OUT OF OFFICE: Food, family and travelling to the mountains
  • BEST ABOUT YOUR HOMETOWN SKJERN, DENMARK: The ensuing ability to move around freely between activities, friends and family

Reference: Advantage #1/2017 – The magazine for members of BI Alumni

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