Combining cultures

25 April 2017

Norwegian Tone Søyland has lived andworked in Bern, Oslo, Hamburg, London, Helsinki and Brussels. Today she is Marketing & Communications Director, in PwC (EMEIA), in Paris.

You have worked all over Europe, how would you describe your career?

As an amazing journey which ended up – in Paris – for one of the world’s leading professional services networks: PwC. I have been extremely lucky and privileged. For me, it has been all about the people I have met, the opportunities, partly choice and partly chance: we think we can plan our careers, but in the end it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Jumping on trains as they stop at your station. A PwC colleague of mine did his PhD on the topic ‘luck business’. It is not to be underestimated.

Alumnus Tone Søyland

What is your best career advice?
It is not sufficient being a specialist in your field: the world has become so complex that businesses need multi-talented people who understand their small part of a bigger picture, and can communicate and co-operate with a whole range of professions.

Do you still need to get better at something?
The world, and what we at PwC call the megatrends – the challenges faced by business – everything has become so inter-related. I am not on top of the implications of the many technological developments – so I could do with spending some time reading up on that.

Why is the job at PwC right for you?
At BI, I chose ’International Management’ as my area of specialization. It was basically business with a bit of culture thrown in. My job today is very much about culture. Each PwC firm has local owners and leadership styles, and we are a very culturally diverse network. I have found that operating successfully is about recognizing how the different PwC firms operate in the business culture of that country.

Why do you think marketing is such an interesting field?
Because the basics have not changed in ages: satisfying a need. But how you do that changes all the time. Especially today, when digital and technology have the power to transform whole industries and create whole new markets.


  • AGE: 54
  • LIVES IN: Paris
  • JOB TITLE: Marketing & Communications Director
  • WORKS WITH: PwC’s Marketing & Communications professionals across EMEA
  • PROGRAMME AT BI: Master of Business and Economics/ Siviløkonom 1986
  • TV-SERIES: The Scandinavian ones! Borgen, Real Humans, Broen etc.
  • BEST THING ABOUT PARIS: Simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Reference: Advantage #3/2016 – The magazine for members of BI Alumni


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