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4 April 2017

Kjersti Wiklund is good at seeing the big picture. After a series of high pofile global positions in the IT industry, she is currently director at Vodafone in London.

A Director of Group Technology Operations at the Vodafone headquarters in London, Kjersti Wiklund is in charge of the Vodafone data centres and the global network for all Vodafone customers. data racks the equivalent size of eight football fields and enough fibre to circle the equator 12 times.

Alumnus Kjersti Wicklund

What did you do before Vodafone?

I held a series of global positions including Chief Operating Officer at VimpelCom Russia, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Kyivstar in Ukraine, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Digi Telecommunications in Malaysia and Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Telenor in Norway. I consider myself lucky to work in the global Telecom and IT industries, and to have been able to live in several parts of the worl

How would you describe your career?

My roles have always been restructuring- oriented, requiring the whole team to step back and question what is done and how things can be improved. They have also involved looking at the organisations’ cultures – how habits and the way people interact can be changed. This way of working is challenging, interesting, exciting, and fulfilling. It is a career, but even more so, a lifestyle. Additionally, as a family, we have raised our children in many different countries, and made friends for life, all over the world.

What are your strengths?

I’m quite good at seeing the big picture, meaning that I look for results without being too distracted by every-day details and how things are done at the moment. I prioritise spending a lot of time talking to front-line staff as well as to people within the organisation.

What has your education from BI done for you on a professional level?

I come from a technical background, and my education has helped me to see more of the business side of things; one that is perhaps easier for others to relate to. It has also given me the tools I need to better approach business and organisational challenges.


  • AGE: 53
  • LIVES IN: London, U.K.
  • COMPANY: Vodafone
  • JOB TITLE: Director, Group Technology Operations
  • WORKING WITH: Developing and operating the data centres and the global telecom infrastructure for Vodafone
  • PROGRAM AT BI: Master of Management 1998
  • INSPIRED BY: Travelling. Some of my favorite cities are Kathmnadu, Kyoto, Hanoi and Copenhagen
  • BEST THING ABOUT LONDON: Tate Modern – a great place for reflection and inspiration

Reference: Advantage #2/2016 – The magazine for members of BI Alumni

Kjersti Wicklund is a member of BIs recently established International Advisory Board (IAB), consisting of prominent business leaders, academics and alumni, who will advise BI on its further international expansion.

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