Renewability as mission

1 August 2017 - ANNA OLAUSSON

Jean-Francois Samray is the economist who helps engineers to change the world using renewable energy.

Building consensus, developing and creating a vision for the future of the industry, financing and delivering the action plan, developing and maintaining a coalition, representing the industry at government level and to the media, describes Jean-Francois’s job as Chief Executive Officer at The Quebec Association for the Production of Renewable Energy.
What attracted you to the energy industry?
Energy is essential for life and for the economy. As an economist, I always had a great interest in energy-related issues.

You went back to BI for a EMBA in energy. What led you to that decision?
I was looking for an EMBA program with intensive modules which would provide with me a global perspective and a broad overview on all forms of energy, including renewables. The Norwegian oil and gas model was of great interest to me as well as the energy transition choice made in the emobility and biofuel sectors.

You have to be good at lobbying in your job, what other elements have you needed to master?
Lobbying is the end result of a long process; the tip of the iceberg. Analyzing problems, finding solutions, developing and maintaining a large network, building consensus, managing multidisciplinary task forces and communicating with the different stakeholders are among the other elements to master in order to be successful in this kind of job.

You are also an BI EMBA Leadership Mentor. What does that entail?
It entails working with an EMBA mentee on a dimension of their personality and leadership behaviour that they wants to improve on. I offer a constructive environment in which they can be comfortable in discussing and reflecting on past and present situations experienced at work. We review the scene, the characters, the dialogues, the interactions, the objectives, and we discuss the final outcome of different situations. In my opinion, this style helps raise our awareness and helps us be better people and therefore better leaders. I highly recommend it.


  • AGE: 48
  • LIVES: Montréal
  • COMPANY: The Quebec Association for the Production of Renewable Energy (AQPER)
  • TITLE: Chief Executive Officer
  • WORKS WITH: Renewable energy developers, service and equipment providers
  • PROGRAMME AT BI: Executive MBA 2014
  • ENJOYS OUT OF OFFICE: Sailing on my boat, outdoor activites and skiing
  • BEST ABOUT MONTRÉAL: Quality of living

Reference: Advantage #1/2017 – The magazine for members of BI Alumni

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