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Recruit from BI

BI has a broad range of options for you as a company, whether you are looking for recent graduates or you are interested in marketing your company to BI students.

BI Career Portal 

BI Careers Service helps connect businesses and our students. You can easily add job listings in BI’s Career Portal. You can search for students that are currently studying with regard to part-time jobs, or offer full-time positions to recent graduates. 


BI Careers Service will conduct a quality check of all positions before publication. The employer’s name must be shown in the posting. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Do you have a challenge you want to solve? 

BI Careers Service is the link between the business community and students. We offer a unique opportunity to find talents from BI during the course of their studies or after completing their education. 

Many companies have challenges that they need to address every single day. Did you know that student papers could be a source of help in this regard? 

Our Career Portal allows you to publish issues that students can use as a basis for their bachelor’s or master’s thesis. 

Internships and BI Internships

You can post both «regular» internship positions and BI Internship positions on the BI Career Portal. BI Internship is a credit-giving course and that is why the internship is unpaid. However, regular internships that are not offered as part of the BI Internship course, should be paid.

By either offering regular internships or BI Internship positions you can team up with competent students that wish to use what they have learned at school in a real world context. Other advantages are:

  • Getting visible in the student community – employer branding
  • Creating an arena for mutual learning
  • Receiving added value by getting help to solve specific challenges and problems

How can my company get in touch with BI Internship students? 

Companies that wish to offer a BI Internship position for bachelor students are welcome to publish a job advertisement in the BI Career Portal or get in touch with BI Careers Service by e-mail

BI career fair

Give you the opportunity to create valuable bonds with students.

Presentation tips

It is important to be active and outgoing. More than 80 per cent of people sign up for presentations via the stand.

Alumni & partnership

Company presentations

We invite your company to introduce and present itself to the students. Perhaps one of them could be your next employee?

Alumni & Partnership

Company marketing

We give you the opportunity to market yourself as an employer.