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BI Career Portal

In BI’s Career Portal you can post vacant positions, market the company’s career opportunities and book company presentations and career days.


Your user name is the company’s organisation number (as indicated in the registration form). When logging in to the portal you can generate a password by clicking “new password?”, and this will be sent by e-mail. 

Enter the Career Portal

Once you are in the Career Portal
The first thing you must do is establish the company’s information profile in the portal through “My profile”. 

An informative and up-to-date company profile is, in and of itself, a very good foundation for reaching the students. Feel free to use tags to further boost the marketing. Tags are key words that can be associated with you. For example, when a student searches for “trainee programme” and a company has “tagged” itself with this, the student will find the company under hits for this search. 

User name and password

  • User name is ordinarily the organisation number. This can be changed to the company name by filling in “Alias”. 
  • It is smart to use the company name as your profile name, and not the name of an employee. You can add a contact person under Company profile. 
  • It could be relevant to hide some profile information from other portal users. You can hide information by clicking the box for this option. Company names cannot be hidden.
  • You can easily change your password under the “Password” tab. If you forget your password, you can get a new one when logging in. NOTE! Remember to save all changes!

Registration of job postings
Job postings are registered by selecting "my acount" and "create new ad". You can also upload a logo or another image that will be shown in the posting. The fields with a red asterisk must be filled out. We recommend that you write as complementary as possible so that the students get a good understanding of the position. 

After you have saved the ad, Career service will approve and publish the post. This usually occurs within two business days.

Marketing of company
Under the “Company profile” tab you can upload a photo/logo, etc. to market the company directly in the student section of the portal. Through “Spotlight” you can also write a short text about the company or potentially add other information. The students can also do this for themselves through Studentspot. 

Who you will meet in our Career Portal

  • BI students (students who want to work while studying – part-time, internship, summer job, etc.)
  • New graduates from bachelor and master programmes at BI

Questions about the Career Portal can be sent to Careers Service:
Tel.: +47 46 41 00 12