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BI Internship

How to recruit students 

Companies that wish to be contacted by students can announce their BI Internship position via the BI Career Portal. Students must reach out to the companies themselves, and the companies conduct their preferred recruitment process before a learning contract is completed and signed by the student(s) and the company.

Finally, students apply for admission to the BI Internship course with the learning contract to Experiential Learning. It is the companies’ and students’ responsibility to get acquainted with the requirements BI has (see BI Internship Master/BI Internship Bachelor) to both parties. It is not guaranteed that the student will be offered a place on the course due to a growing competition the previous years.

Do you have questions regarding the application process? Please send an e-mail to

Do you want a BI intern? Plan ahead!
BI Internship is offered as a course at BI. The course has an internal application deadline that students must adhere to – November 1st and April 20th.

As a company, you should post a BI Internship advertisement in the BI Career Portal as early as August/September for students who can do a BI Internship in the following Spring semester (internal course application deadline: November 1st).

For students eligible for a BI Internship in the Autumn semester, the company should post the advertisement in January/February (internal course application deadline: April 20th).

Questions regarding posting internship positions in the BI Career Portal can be sent to Careers Service.

How can my company register a BI Internship/BI Internship on Exchange position in the BI Career Portal? 

  • Go to: and log in
  • Click “My account” and "Create new ad"
  • Complete the form like a normal job posting

    Add the title:
  • BI Internship Bachelor spring xxxx/company name (BI Internship Bachelor spring 2018/BI Norwegian Business School)
  • BI Internship on Exchange spring xxxx/company name
  • Tag: biinternshipbachelor
  • Contact Careers Service in regard to the application deadline, as this must be indicated in the application text.