Alumni of the week

The involved leader

Morten Borge


Ferd AS

MSc iin Business and Economics

The decision to leave the safe and comfortable life working in one of the biggest Audit- and Consulting houses in the world, to work for a family company in Lysaker was something CEO of Ferd, Morten Borge spent a lot of time considering, but have never regretted.

In 2017 he started as CEO of the family-owned investment company, after having been in several management roles as Investment Director in the same company and Financial Director of the portfolio company Interwell.

– In my first management position at 28-years-old, the most demanding thing was to be the leader of people that were 10, 20 and 25 years older than me, says Borge about managing leadership responsibility at a young age.

– It is important to enter the job with respect for the people one is to lead, be humble when getting involved in the tasks to be done, while at the same time being a clear leader in confidence of own skills and background, he continuous.  

Listen to the first episode of the new podcast series “Ledelsespodden” with Morten Borge and Professor Anders Dysvik here (in Norwegian).

He is in no doubt that his education from BI formed the basis for pursuing the dream of working at the intersection of law, strategy, valuation and finance. This is a combination he meets almost every day in connection with the follow-up of existing investments and in the assessment of new ones.

Leader talent

Borge characterizes his leadership style as open, and he hopes that his employees’ response if asked, would be that he has a participative leadership style based on involvement and frequent feedback.

– It is important to not cover up when things fail, and at the same time don’t over sell when things go well, but at all times rely on trustworthy and open communication, says the young leader.

In 2014 Borge was named among Norway’s biggest leadership talents in E24’s annual competition. For others who aim to pursue leadership experience, he recommends to do the best job possible where you are at the time, and take every opportunity that presents itself. Get out of your comfort zone.

– If you get the opportunity to take a step in a different direction; move to another city, another industry or another segment – you have the chance to develop yourself quite strongly. Take the chance, concludes Borge.