Alumni of the week

Happy as a fish in water

Axel Jacobsen

Equity Analyst

Arctic Securities AS

MSc in Business - QTEM 2015

“An analyst's task is to help the investor make a decision on whether or not to invest in the seafood sector.”

Why settle for just one of the best? Why not learn from three prestigious business schools, and become part of an international network that can give you a sea of opportunities in the future? Axel chose the sea.

Axel was one of those people who want to make the most of their studies. In addition to becoming a real whiz with numbers, he also wanted to experience other cultures and different perspectives.

"As far as me personally, I wanted to travel to Taiwan to experience something completely different from the European culture and mind-set. I met people from all over the world, and I had an opportunity to establish an international network," said Axel when he graduated in 2015.

Axel chose the QTEM master programme at BI, so he could customise his education by selecting exchange periods at two highly reputable schools, and he also took a broad selection of courses. A large part of his master's degree is also organised around practical work experience through internship.

From internship to a permanent job

After fortifying his quantitative and analytical skills in the classroom, Axel moved on to become an intern in Arctic Securities. This was a success for both parties, and the end result for Axel was a position as Equit y Analyst. Here he is part of an environment that specialises in finance transactions and providing advice for investors. Axel's speciality is the sea, and one of Norway's fastest-growing sectors, salmon farming.

"An analyst's task is to help the investor make a decision on whether or not to invest in the seafood sector. We do this by preparing analyses based on major company reports, which we attempt to consolidate down to a simple summary to make the job easier for investors.

More than just money and salmon

Axel's analyses affect more than just investors and salmon farming companies, they have ripple effects that go far beyond these. This is because the decisions that are made on the basis of Axel's calculations and assessments, also have a direct impact on the districts. Investment in fish farms creates jobs, growth and added value for the areas where they are located.

This is a responsibility that demands more than just good analytical strength, it also requires solid knowledge about the seafood sector and the environment it impacts. Axel is very happy in his job as analyst, but does not deny that it can also be challenging at times.

"You have to be able to handle stress and be willing to work long days."

Axel will probably have plenty to do in the future also. Salmon farming is undergoing constant development, and operation of the fish farms is increasingly focused on protecting the fish, the sea and the environment. New demands are constantly being made on the industry. This leads to innovation and new projects that need financing - and Axel's expertise.