Alumni of the week

Happy founder

Helga Stormo

Key Account Manager at Netlife, Co-Founder & CEO at Happy Wifey AS

Bachelor of International marketing 2013

“I did not expect there to be so many possibilities out there, and quickly discovered that working life is constantly changing.”

Five years after graduating from BI, Helga Stormo is the CEO for clothes brand Happy Wifey, a company she started herself together with three student friends.

Helga Stormo completed her bachelor degree in international marketing at BI in 2013, and the way further has been exciting and varied. She is objective, hardworking and adventurous. Now she is the CEO of her own company, which she started together with three former fellow students and has a full-time job at Netlife Dialog in addition. She points out going on exchange as one of the best experiences at BI.

- One learns an incredible amount from travelling and experiencing other cultures. This has been a big advantage for me at job interviews later, since it often shows that one is willing to accept change, is adaptable and open for other ways of thinking.

Happy Wifey was formed just after she graduated, together with three former fellow students from BI. It is an Internet shop that desisgns and sells clothes and make-up accessories to fashion-conscious and adventurous ladies, who are also interested in ethical and sustainable problems. Tone Damli and Eirìn Kristiansen are some of the celebreties who have been seen with the stylish college sweaters from Happy Wifey.

- I think there is a lot to gain on taking chances. There is no reason to be afraid of what others think if one chooses a little more untraditional way in working life!

Daily job on the side

In addition to Happy Wifey, Helga works as an account executive at Netlife Dialog, one of Norway’s largest competence environments within customer dialogue and CRM. She has been there for just over a year, and thrives with it. There she is responsible for the development of existing customers of the team she is in. Her days are hectic, but Helga has always worked hard, both at BI and afterwards.

- I try as much as I can to balance work with meeting friends, in addition to working with my start-up. I love what I am doing at present, and am very pleased that I got a job that was so relevant to my education.


The founder mentions several subjects from BI, such as consumer behaviour, marketing and strategy, which she has had direct use for in working life. With a general education that fitted many jobs, she has also felt the challenge with many competitors in the job market. But at the same time, working life was not exactly what she had envisioned.

- I did not expect there to be so many possibilities out there, and quickly discovered that working life is constantly changing. You don’t necessarily have to have a nine-to-five job to survive. If you want to work as a freelancer while you travel, or whether you want to start something of your own, take the chance and do it!

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