Alumni of the week


Atul Midha

Chief Commercial Officer


Master of Business and Economics/Siviløkonom 1999

“The Scandinavian approach has worked for me. Be humble, be transparent, be supportive, be a team player. ”

Atul Midha was Giorgio Armani’s CEO in India. Now he wants to add an extra dimension to online shopping through Perfitly, a New York based start-up.

Text: Mikaela Hincks
Foto: Alexander Berg

You started out at Saks Fifth Avenue, and then had an impressive career at Giorgio Armani becoming their CEO in India. What made it happen?
– I always wanted an unconventional career path. I had a need to be different, which hopefully meant more marketable. I am really grateful for all the unique opportunities I have experienced, including having worked on three different continents, leading to where I am today. A global mindset is important when working with brands that have consumers all over the world.

Who has been the most important person in your career?
– Needless to say, I have been fortunate and honoured to have worked with one of the greatest designers of the last century, Mr. Giorgio Armani. He is a true genius. It has definitely shaped who I have become, both personally and professionally.

Today you are CCO at Perfitly, a startup that wants to add an extra dimension to online shopping. How did it all start?
– One of our founders reacted when a family member bought 10 pairs of shoes, only to return 9 of them. After some research, we found that this was a massive problem with online shopping. We created an online AR/VR platform to solve this.

How would you describe yourself as a leader?
– The Scandinavian approach has worked for me. Be humble, be transparent, be supportive, be a team player. Is there any other way in 2018?

What advice would you give to someone who dreams about a career in the fashion industry?
– I understood the value of networking late in my career. I cannot stress how important this has become today. A good network will help you progress and grow.

What personal qualities have helped you in your business life?
– Being positive, solution-oriented, managing time – all the things that BI taught us.

In what ways has your degree been important for your career?
– BI was a great experience. It turned me into a professional. I started my first job at Saks Fifth Avenue, two months after graduating. I definitely think that BI got me ready for the real world.