Alumni of the Week


Silje Sjulstad

International Label Manager

Universal Music

Bachelor of Creative Industries Management 2013

“I wanted to see how things worked behind the scenes. I’ve always been interested in culture, and I wondered how it all came together.”

Silje Sjulstad worked with fashion. One day she decided that music was more interesting and applied for an internship.

Text: Mikaela Hincks
Foto: Marte Garmann

What excites you about being an International Label Manager?
– The opportunity to work with many different things at the same time. Being a label manager involves marketing, PR, budgeting and decision making. I get to hear amazing music, meet people from all over the world and travel.

How would you describe your job?
– I’m responsible for various labels under the Universal Musi c umbrella in Norway. My job is basically to get artists noticed, to get their music streamed and to build their brand over time. Tasks include day to day updates with LA and the UK, long term marketing strategies, promotional strategies, generating attention for releases as well as spotting promising talents.

What is your best advice to someone who wants a career in the music industry?
– Start early, volunteer and make contacts. I would recommend everyone to get an internship, it’s worth the hard work in the end!

Can you reveal any major trends in the music industry?
– I think we will see more urban music in the charts. And that female artists will lead a new direction in R&B.

Spotify gave the music industry a boost. What are the future challenges?
– I can’t speak for the entir e industry. However, I think that for the Nordic countries, it will be more difficult to become new artists now when the rest of the world has caught up with streaming. I think we will have to compete increasingly with computer-made playlists such as Discover Weekly. We will also see moreMachine Learning than before.

Why did you choose to study creative industries at BI?
– I wanted to see how things worked behind the scenes. I’ve always been interested in culture, and I wondered how it all came together. Who pulls the strings to get a bestseller, both in literature and music? How does the money flow? I studied literature before I came to BI, but I wanted more knowledge of management and finance. So Creative Industries Management at BI suited me perfectly.

In what way do your colleagues notice that you have studied at BI?
– Probably when planning new releases, finding marketing strategies and setting budgets.