Alumni of the week

Real estate is more than just brokerage

Kim André Syvertsen

Real Estate Manager


Bachelor in Real Estate

Kim André's enthusiasm in the classroom earned him an exciting job in one of Norway's leading real estate companies before he graduated. He chose to combine his job with further studies in real estate development, and has since then worked with management and development of real estate at Tjuvholmen and other major urban city projects.

Why did you start on a Bachelor in Real Estate at BI?

– I actually started on a bachelor's degree in strategic marketing management at BI in Bergen. But when I bought my first flat, I was so fascinated by the whole purchase and sale process that I switched to real estate.

What knowledge and expertise have you gained from BI?

– After 3 years at BI, I had a solid grasp of economic, legal and market principles within real estate. If you take a bachelor programme in real estate brokerage at BI, you learn that Norway has real estate brokerage statutes that are among the most stringent in the world. In addition to learning about requirements and expectations for the role as real estate broker, you will also gain an introduction into special rules for both new construction and commercial buildings. This means that, upon completing your education, you have a good foundation for working with both rental, purchase, sale, analysis, development and administration of both residential and commercial property. In my daily work as real estate manager, I am constantly using the broad-based knowledge I acquired at BI.

Describe your role as Real Estate Manager in Newsec.

– As a Real Estate Manager in Newsec, I have overall responsibility for several real estate portfolios, mainly consisting of commercial properties. A typical working week probably includes showing available properties, inspections and following up technical projects, developing strategies and analyses, following up major projects and property adaptations, contact with all tenants, negotiation and renegotiation of leases and regular reporting to the shareholders that own the properties.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

– Without question, the varied working day. It is particularly exciting to take part in the life cycle of a property – from idea to project – and also the fact that I have an opportunity to impact how the properties are managed.

Any tips for students who want to work in real estate?

– Start early and build a technical and professional network. In the last year of the bachelor programme, we had a guest lecturer from Entra who spoke about commercial real estate. We chatted during the break, and I said that I planned to move back to Oslo to take a master's degree in real estate development at NMBU. A few weeks later, he sent me a tip through LinkedIn about a job opening in Entra. I applied, got an interview and ended up with a part-time job as an analyst in Entra. And that was all before I even finished my bachelor. Remember - random circumstances often make a big difference. So get out there and make sure you are where things happen!