Alumni of the Week

Trust your own skills

Laura Kuitunen


European Central Bank

MSc in Business 2016 and International Summer Programme 2012

“I am lucky to be surrounded by so many talented colleagues from everywhere in Europe, which makes the environment especially inspiring.”

Before she graduated Laura Kuitunen secured a trainee position at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. Today, she works as an analyst for the same central bank.

Text: Anna Olausson

Laura Kuitunen's first meeting with BI was through the International Summer Programme. Two years later she came back to do her Master of Science in Business degree, specializing in economics.

"I feel that my work is a good match with what I have studied, although it is more about applied economics and finance and less about theory."

Her job is a mix of quantitative and qualitative assignments, which she really enjoys. She spends her workday writing briefings and reports and preparing presentations, alongside working with data, risk indicators and economic models.

"The variety of assignments suits me well. I expected to spend more time working on my own, but fortunately, that is not how it is. In some projects we liaise with the Eurosystem national central banks and other stakeholders, whereas other projects are more internal."

It was always Kuitunen's intention to get an international position as a starting point for her career. Though, this would have included Norway as well, as she grew up in Finland.

“I am lucky to be surrounded by so many talented colleagues from everywhere in Europe, which makes the environment especially inspiring. ECB is a unique working environment in the sense that I am in the heart of important economic events and policy setting", Kuitunen says.

Kuitunen tells us that she grew professionally and personally during her time at BI.

"I had wonderful fellow students with whom I collaborated on group assignments, and we had a great time doing them. Writing my master thesis however, meant that I got to test my own capabilities more independently and holistically, " she says.

The transition from student life to full-time employment have been easier than she had thought, but some minor changes are bound to appear because work life is more dynamic than her studies.

Her advice for recent graduates is that it is important to seize opportunities, even though they might look completely different to how you envisaged them.

"At this early stage of my career, I would say that the most difficult thing is to trust you own skills and capabilities. But in the end, that is what gets the job done. The result may not be perfect, but at least you can take it from there on and learn from it."