Giving back to BI

18 September 2019

When the opportunity came to get involved with the alumni network in Copenhagen Sebastian Rottmair jumped at the chance to re-affiliate with BI and “give back”.

Sebastian rottmair

Exchange 2013
Head of Change Management at United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Copenhagen
Plays an active part in BIs alumni network in CopenhagenSebastian RottmairWhat motivates you to be actively engaged in the international alumni network?

Personally, the experience from my time as an exchange student at BI led to the international career I have today. Those career choices have been a result, I believe, of the unique, interactive experience I had with the international academic staff and the student body.  For me the experience gave me new perspectives and set me on the professional path I am following today. I value highly this experience so when the opportunity came to get involved with the alumni network in Copenhagen after I moved there from New York, I jumped at the chance to re-affiliate with BI and “give back”. That is why, I actively participate in the events and volunteered to host an event at my organization UNOPS.

What do you value most from the alumni network?

The opportunity to engage locally here in Denmark with my peers outside of my organization and industry has proved to be invaluable and mutually beneficial. Through the alumni events, I have made new connections and maintained contact “offline” to explore areas in which we can collaborate to resolve professional objectives.

I also had the opportunity to “showcase” my organization UNOPS, not only for the young generation of BI graduates but also the more experienced professionals in the network. Sharing insight and best practices from our international organization was a really forefilling experience and a successful networking event for the alumni.

The close affiliation with BI and by extension the alumni network has been personally and professional rewarding.

What about the next generation of alumni?

Meeting fellow alumni who are starting out on their careers and seasoned professionals has made this network attractive, both in terms of knowledge transfer and attracting young talented graduates and students from BI to our very international organization, right here in Copenhagen. There is a strong collaborative nature to this network and many interesting options to explore going forward. I for one am looking forward to continuing to contribute to the network and supporting the next generation of graduates looking for new international opportunities. That’s how I got started!

Reference: Advantage #1/2019

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