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A Human Touch

Thomas Nordås, head of Sopra Steria Business Consulting Scandinavia, and his team has found success in a strong and sharing culture.

This elegant office space commands panoramic views of Oslo, on the top floors of Postgirobygget, Norway’s tallest office building. We are at Sopra Steria, one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing IT consultancy firms.

Thomas Nordås, Managing Director of Sopra Steria Business Consulting in Scandinavia, has been in charge of the Business Consulting department since 2013. Today, his department has 180 consultants, and of these, 13 have a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Psychology from BI. Nordås is also an alumnus from BI and holds an MBA from 2001.

“We have understood that our customers also buy processes. There has been a huge change in our industry over the last three years. Previously, we would be engaged by IT managers. Today, IT consultancy services are needed by all kinds of departments and organizations. Our job is not only about building new technology, it is also about building a new culture within the organisation – one that will be equipped to handle new technology.”

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The Power of Sharing

The head office is located in Paris, but Scandinavia is managed from Oslo. One of Sopra Steria’s most important cultural expressions is called Power of Sharing. Staff are encouraged to share both good and bad experiences with each other, and this has resulted in creating a solid foundation for trust, openness and humbleness.

How would you describe your organisational culture?
”We are motivated by the success of colleagues. Humility is also important. It makes us curious and eager to learn new things, and to learn from each other. We also see each other socially, and this develops both the individual and the group. We have removed all assistants, as we don’t want anyone doing anyone else’s job. We are also very clear about setting individual goals and identifying what motivates each employee. We work with coaching and support at all levels of the organization and have a comparatively large proportion of managers.

You are a French company, but your culture sounds more Scandinavian.
”We are completely independent and have invented our own culture. My desk is situated among everyone elses in the department. This way I can keep track of how we are doing. I’m available and can participate without influencing others work too much. I’m there to help and create structures. Without structures, there is no clear and strong culture. To me, it is absolutely crucial to know where the company pulse is and where we have momentum and can go full speed.

There are many competitors out there. How do you manage to find the right people?
”We offer the opportunity to create your own role, based on what you are good at and how much responsibility you want. But it goes without saying that it has helped having been ranked one of the top three workplaces amongst large-scale companies in Norway, three years in a row.

Meet three from Nordås' team who holds a degree in MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology from BI.




” There are some incredibly talented people here. There are no partners protecting their own assignments, and we focus on the exchange of knowledge. It really feels like we work for each other."


Business Consultant
MSc in Leadership & Organizational Psychology, 2013



"At the moment, I’m absorbing everything and grasping every opportunity. There is a lot to learn from both clients and colleagues.”


ESPEN HAUGEN                                                                                                   
Was first given the opportunity as a summer intern in 2016, and landed a position as Junior Business Consultant before graduating.

Bachelor of Media Management and Journalism 2013
MSc in Leadership & Organizational Psychology 2017




”I had loads of preconceived ideas about consultants, but here at Sopra Steria I am proved wrong on a daily basis. It’s about teamwork and a culture that makes everyone better. There is also no contradiction between technology and organisational development; we all know that they must go hand-in-hand if we are to be successful.”

Consulting Manager
MSc in Leadership & Organizational Psychology 2012