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BI offers a wide variety of events for alumni - on campus in Norway and in selected cities in Europe and Asia.

Log in to the BI Alumni Portal and join networking groups, based on academic interest or your location, and receive invitations to events that are relevant to you. You can also build your online network, or organize a reunion to recapture and connect. 

International communities

Connect with alumni from all over the world and attend alumni events in selected cities in Europe and Asia. 

International communities are a fantastic opportunity to network and share knowledge with other alumni based in the same region. Events are usually in the form of industry led speaker events or informal social networking events. Log on to the Alumni Portal to join international communities and to find events near you:

China - Denmark - France - Germany - Romania - Russia - Spain - Switzerland - Ukraine - United Kingdom - Vietnam

Volunteers are central to the success of our international communities. Contact us if you would like to contribute. Occationally events may take place in other countries.

London networking - Join a global community

Professional interest groups

Develop your professional skills, network with like-minded people and pursue your business ambitions with BIs professional interest groups, based in Oslo.

These groups offer professional updates through a series of interesting and relevant events. Events also gives you the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge and ideas with other alumni in the same industry or profession. Log on to the Alumni Portal to join the following groups:

 Board Work - Culture & Leadership - Economics - Energy, Shipping & Offshore - Finance - HR & Leadership - Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Marketing - PR & Communications - Political Economy - Strategy - Supply Chain Management

You can also join the Lederens verktøykasse (Leader's toolbox) group to receive invitations to monthly breakfast seminars at BI-campus Oslo. These popular seminars give you the latest insight on leadership from some of BIs top faculty.

Communities in Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim

Get the latest from research and business in your region, and the opportunity to extend your network. BI works closely with industry associations in Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

To receive information about current events, join the networking group for your city and keep your contact information up to date.

BI - campus Bergen

Alumni in the Bergen region are invited to Kunnskapsfrokost (Knowledge breakfast), monthly breakfast seminars with the aim to inspire and benefit leaders, and others who are interested in leadership. In addition, these seminars provide excellent opportunities for networking with alumni and others from a broad range of businesses and industries. BI-campus Bergen also host the annual BI Alumni Day.

BI - campus Stavanger

Alumni in the Stavanger region are invited to Lederskolen (The leadership academy), a collaboration between BI and the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce. This is an important meeting place for businesses in the region, providing good opportunities for networking and professional updates. Lederskolen is held 6-8 times per year. In addition, alumni are invited to irregular alumni-networking events, for new insight and mingling with connections and friends.

BI - campus Trondheim

Alumni in the Trondheim region are invited to Lederens Verktøykasse (Leader's toolbox), a series of breakfast seminars for leaders and others who are interested in leadership. BI, in cooperation with Pirsenteret, also host breakfast meetings on different topics. Corporate connections and alumni gather for relevant academic updates, making this an ideal arena for networking.  In addition, alumni are invited to irregular alumni-networking events for academic updates and social networking.

Degree based communities 

Degree based communities for Executive Master of Management, MBA and PhD degree holders represent a wealth of knowledge and resources. 

Students in these programmes will automatically be a part of the degree based communities they belong to when they are invited into the BI Alumni community. Log on to the Alumni Portal to get access to your community.

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We are happy to advise you on planning your reunion, and can give advice and assist with mailing lists, distribution of invitations, registrations, and finding academic or professional resources. Contact us for more information.