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Andreas Askim Vatne

Interview with Andreas Askim Vatne

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  • Born: 1998
  • Degree: Bachelor in Business and Economics

"Show that you are motivated and serious about participating and you will be rewarded!"

When were you an active case student at BI and at which campus?
I was an active case student during the third year of my bachelor (2019/20) at the BI campus in Nydalen, Oslo. 

Why did you decide to join BI’s case activities?
I decided to join BI Case because I wanted to challenge myself and learn how to use the knowledge we are taught in the classroom in real-life scenarios and situations. I also saw it as a great opportunity to get to know students from the other programs at BI, and the possibility to compete alongside them in national and international case competitions. 

What was the name of your case team and how did you find your teammates?
During my time in BI Case, I was actually a member of three different teams. It is not uncommon to be a member of different teams if you are active over a longer period of time. This happens because team members will go on exchange or finish their degrees and therefore not have the possibility to compete in case competitions anymore. 

Did you have a specific role on your team?
I won’t say that I had a very clear or defined role, but it often quickly becomes apparent what each team member can contribute with and what they enjoy doing. It also depends on the skillset and knowledge of each team member and perhaps sometimes how far they’ve come in their degree. In the last team I was a member of, the other three students were first year students and new to case solving, and it therefore became apparent that I needed to take on more of a leader role and help guide them. 

Which case competitions did you take part in?
I participated in some internal BI case competitions, but I also participated in NHH International Case Competition where we competed against teams from all across the world. I was also supposed to represent BI at the BBICC in Belgrade last spring, but the competition was sadly cancelled due to corona. I also had the pleasure of competing with my team from the NHH competition at a more informal case competition for BI students at Deloitte headquarters here in Oslo. 

What is your best memory from your case journey at BI?
I think the best memories would have to be from the NHH International Case Competition week. Being there for a whole week really elevated the team dynamics and created the opportunity to create some really great memories. I should have probably mentioned one of the more academic aspects as one of my best memories. But to be honest, going out with all the other students to a silent disco one night are probably going to be something I won’t forget anytime soon. Also, the uncontrollable laughing at midnight during the 24hr case solving is a memory that has etched itself into my brain.

What are your top three takeaways from case training and competitions?
My three top takeaways from case training and case competitions are that practice is crucial and helps you learn what works and not. Secondly, being a member of BI Case allows you to speak with professionals from different industries and learn from their valuable insights and perspectives. And lastly, being a member of BI Case can be a really fun experience, but it depends on the effort you are willing to put in. 

What skills did you learn from participating in case which were relevant to your development/career and how?
Some of the main things that I was able to develop through my participation was my presentation skills, my ability to look through tons of information and find the most crucial elements, and to work in a team. 

Do you have any advice to students who are curious about case?
Just go for it! Show that you are motivated and serious about participating and you will be rewarded! And don’t stress too much during case solving…