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BI Case

BI Case gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice by solving real business challenges for Norwegian and international companies. Through case activities, students acquire skills that make them better equipped to cope with academic life, recruitment situations and working life.

Interviews with BI Case Alumni

  • Orpheas Lillikas

  • Karen Marie Ramstad Gunnerud

  • Henrik Reitan

  • Nathan Bucolo

  • Yash Sharma

  • Tobias Scharning Helmersen

  • Kristian Vervik Salte

  • Vilde Lovise Wittingsrud-Johansen

  • Knut Mehl

  • Solveig Stokka Eltervåg

  • Rasmus Kvile

  • Louis Grenez

  • Ferdinand Skaugerum

  • Eskild Jørgensen

  • Camilla Kleven