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BI Case

BI Case gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice by solving real business challenges for Norwegian and international companies. Through case activities, students acquire skills that make them better equipped to cope with academic life, recruitment situations and working life.

Main case: Equinor

Equinor presentation - case and company

Video: Equinor Corporate film 2019

Recording of the case launch: https://tv.bi.no/secret/44113142/0f550077c01ae11ec7eed92acb7797f0 

Recording of the BIICC Final: https://tv.bi.no/secret/44184236/323355f1d6a565c2e550a597db6d117f

Warm-up case: Gjensidige

Main case: Orkla
Warm-up case: Telia

Main case: Jobzone
Warm-up case: Jotun
Exhibits: Jotun

Main case: Hydro