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BI Case

BI Case provides students with an opportunity to work multidisciplinary with subjects taught at BI. Case solving improves the students’ skills in areas such as presentation technique, team work, analysis, time management and out of the box thinking.


BI International Case Competition 2019 invites prestigious schools from all over the world to compete in solving a real business case, provided by one of our strategic partners.

BI International Case Competition (BIICC) is an annual competition and was held for the first time in February 2016. BIICC offers a unique program including social activities and events, both for the international participants and for the BI students. Through six intense days 12 international teams from ten different countries compete to become the BIICC Champion 2019. The competition consists of a warm-up case distributed to the teams 25th January followed by a 30-hour main case, which will be launched by BIICC’s Premium partner Tuesday 12th February at BI’s campus in Oslo.

BIICC’s motto is collaboration. Collaboration is the very essence of case solving and covers all areas of a case competition. Collaborating with your team to find the best solution. Collaboration across borders, cultures and languages. Perhaps the greatest achievement through collaboration lies in the interaction with fellow opponents to ensure BIICC 2019 becomes a lifetime experience, which we of course will facilitate to the best of our ability! 

Collaboration is also the essence of how BIICC is organised and executed joining various departments of BI, the student union SBIO, strategic partners from the business community and last, but not least, priceless effort by voluntary BI students. Together we strive to deliver a week full of social happenings and challenging activities.

We want BIICC participants to look back at their time in Norway with a smile, a bunch of new friends, business contacts and experiences. 


BI International Case Competition 2018