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BI Internship gives you and your company a unique opportunity to solve specific challenges in your business, together with our competent and motivated students.

Whether you are a former student from BI or not, this is a beneficial way to form a stronger bond with BI Norwegian Business School and our academic resources, while our students gain valuable work experience and the chance to address problems of your choosing.

In short:
BI Internship is a credit-giving course and is therefore, in principle, unpaid. Students must apply for admission to the course and pass an academic evaluation, supported by their academic advisor.
Working together, your company’s contact person and the student will agree upon a Learning Contract where project tasks are specified. For more information about the Learning Contract and requirements, please use the form below.


  • Fresh insights: The smartest way to stay updated is meeting a student who is familiar with the all the latest research within your field.
  • Create new learning arenas: Useful, motivating and rewarding for both students and current employees. Mutual learning and experience sharing is invaluable!
  • International perspectives: Choose an international student from your target market ‒ get input and advice from someone who already knows the region and its primary targets.
  • Employer branding: Your company’s chance to show your commitment to corporate social responsibility by providing tomorrow’s assets with an opportunity early on in their careers.
  • Find your dream candidate early: The companies who participate in the BI Internship programme are characterised as important partners to BI, and as attractive employers for our students. Who knows, maybe you will find a future colleague among our interns?


Currently, you can recruit students from the following programmes:

Programmes in English:

Programmes in Norwegian:

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