Competence development under COVID19

COVID-19: Conduction of courses and programmes

All of the courses at BI will be conducted as planned, and will be adjusted to the current regulations from the government.

How will the courses be conducted under a pandemic?

BI follows recommendations and guidelines from Kunnskapsdepartementet, NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) and UD (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

We follow these rules carefully so that our students will get a normal study life, as possible. Ordinary teaching will be carried out in our bigger classrooms, if the requirements for distance can be maintained.

The course lectures will be implemented digitally, if the circumstances don’t allow it in classrooms at campus. If the lectures have to change to online, this will be happening on Zoom. Lectures, discussions and group work will take place primarily on the course/meeting days. All of our courses uses digital learning platforms as support, regardless of physical or online conduction.

Any questions? Contact us at: info@bi.no

The spring courses and programmes will be conducted as a combination of digital tuition, and tuition on campus. We strive for all classes to be able to meet during spring. You can therefor apply for admission to all of our offers on executive education.

Guidelines for infection prevention

BI will always follow the current guidelines and regulations for infection prevention, and adapt to changes. This includes:

  • To use lager classrooms, to ensure a good distance between students
  • To control liquidation of breaks and lunch, to limit contact with other classes
  • Provide extra cleaning and access to Antibac
  • Conduct digital group work and guidance from professionals in most courses and programmes


About exchange

BI follows the travel advices from NIPH and UD. We are planning alternative teaching for all course and programmes that have modules abroad.

In some cases, the modules will be conducted at BI, and transfer lectures from abroad to classrooms in Norway. In other cases, the modules abroad will be replaced with a module in Norway, but outside of campus.

It is important for BI to ensure the best possible framework for student exchange, as well as ensure our students gain a sound academic outcome.