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Top 5 reasons to choose Norway

Northern lights in Lofoten, Norway

1. Mind-blowing nature and city life

Experience urban cities, surrounded by mountains, woods and oceans, and travel beyond to explore uninhibited terrain.

Wind mills and northern lights

3. Make sustainability a priority

Norway is in the middle of a major transition, preparing for an oil-free future – which makes this country an exciting place to be. 

Female outside with backpack

5. A safe, happy, and stable society

Norway scores high in human development, quality of life, and is among the saftest places in the world.

Man with a baby in a stroller

2. A diverse and inclusive environment

Norway is considered to be one of the most gender equal countries in the world. What are we doing right?

Female with her arms crossed

4. Lead, work and live in balance

Norway ranks second in the world in productivity, despite having short working weeks and a flat hierarchy leadership model.

The boss is always right

Sustainability is bad for business

Women in business are too emotional