With change, the need for innovation increases. In addition to traditional industries that the Norwegian economy has been relying on for decades, the land in the North is finding new ways to shape and seize the future.

Norway is a world leader in forward-looking industries like clean energy, green tech, shipping, telecom, and finance. There are a lot of initiatives and political will to be economically strong and sustainable. Study in Norway, and ride the next wave of the economy.


Norway has developed a high level of expertise in environmental technology. This small country is constantly working on recharging the energy sector towards a more sustainable future. Both onshore and offshore windfarms, solar energy and electrification of the transport sector are putting Norway on the map as a world leader in sustainable energy. In 2010, the Norwegian renewable energy sector consisted of about 2 000 companies, 50 000 employees and a revenue of 200 billion NOK. And the country continues to publically fund further development, making Norway a thriving green scene.


The Norwegian maritime industry is also of great value. In fact, the total value creation is close to 175 billion. In addition to that, the country is a great exporter of shipping equipment, with almost 90 % of shipping equipment made in Norway being exported. Norway is also a frontrunner in sustainable technology within the maritime industry. The world agreed earlier this year to cut shipping emissions by 50 percent by 2050. Norway has already been working on making the shipping industry greener for a long time. By developing new technology and introducing electrical ships, Norway aims to be on the frontier. Last year the world’s first full-electric ferry was sea launched in one of the beautiful fjords on the west coast Norway.

Riding the next wave of the economy


Norway is buzzing with new start-ups and incubation labs. The country has never been this open to new ideas and perspectives. Politicians encourage entrepreneurship and facilitate changes that push and contribute towards a greener and more sustainable future. Norway has had several major technology successes, like Joubel and Kahoot, and is constantly evolving, gaining new insight and creating value.


The world is getting more and more digital, and technology is not only influencing individuals, but also shaping business and society as a whole. Digitalisation and technology are stimulating efficiency and profitability on many levels. Norway is keeping up the pace at all levels and was recently voted the world’s most digital country. The survey considered to what degree the country was rigged for digitalisation, how it is used and the effects it has. Norway came out on top. Even though some people are worried about their jobs, technology is also a source for creating new jobs and opportunities, and even increasing income for some industries. Norway is on the front of digital development and is putting it to use in businesses and the education system.


To this day, oil and gas are still the country’s most important export commodities. But the world is constantly changing, making innovation within all industries more important than ever.

Being ranked as one of the most business-friendly cities in the world, there’s no wonder that Oslo has become the fastest growing city in Europe. The Norwegian capital is booming with start-ups and the country continues to develop innovative solutions within industries such as technology, finance, science and energy.

Being King of the North comes with great responsibility. To continue developing and innovating, Norway realises the importance of passing on the knowledge – which is why we encourage you to study in Norway and ride the next wave of the economy.

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