Once you get to leave work at 4pm, it’s hard to go back!

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A fresh perspective

  • Name: Max Trautwein
  • Country: Germany
  • Programme: Master of Science in Leadership and Organisational Psychology

The Norwegian lifestyle made me stay

Norwegians are good at appreciating life, free time and hobbies. Coming from a more competitive culture, I learned that work is not everything and that you have to appreciate the little things.

I learned to love this lifestyle, so I decided to stay. Once you find out it’s normal to leave work at 4 pm in order to go skiing or swimming, it’s hard to go back!Max Trautwein/ 59

What made BI so great?

I got my job at Accenture one year before graduation thanks to the amazing networking opportunities while studying at BI.

At BI I made many diverse and interesting friends who gave me fresh perspectives and with whom I shared many great moments.

I’ve spent some of the best years of my life in Oslo, and I don’t see me moving back anytime soon!