Cherishing work-life balance

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A fresh perspective

  • Name: Nataliia Petromanova
  • Country: Russia
  • Programme: Master of Science in Finance

The importance of balance

The aspect of the Norwegian culture that I appreciate the most is work-life balance. I’ve learned how important it is to have that balance, which I’ve cherished ever since I started my full-time job here in Norway.

Thinking about my years at BI puts a smile on my face

  • The sleepless nights preparing for exams and assignments with my wonderful friends
  • Learning from so many bright students and knowledgeable professors
  • The unique environment of competitiveness and togetherness

Nataliia Petromanova  CFA Institute Research Challenge  .jpegMy most memorable moment

Placing top 10 among 1000 teams in the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2019 and traveling to Zurich to present our work to a panel of judges!

The past 4 years studying and living in Norway have helped me grow as a person and I’ve learned invaluable skills that have helped me in my professional life. Even though I’ve had a lot of previous international exposure in my life, the BI experience has made a huge difference to me!