Bachelor programmes

Applicants with Standard Secondary Education/High School

Admission requirements and application process for Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Data Science for Business

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We understand that COVID-19 may have impacted your ability to fulfil the TOEFL/IELTS testing requirements.

We encourage you to move ahead with submitting your application and all other required documents. Indicate in a document the current status of the test-taking situation in your country, include any old test results you may have, or any documents that indicate you had been signed up for a test that was postponed.

Most of the standardised test providers are working on alternative ways for you to complete the tests needed for your application. Please stay abreast of announcements on the test provider sites:

For applicants with Standard Secondary Education/High School or High School + 1-year university:

General international university entrance qualifications. For some countries, the Norwegian government requires one year of college or university in addition to the high school or the school leave certificate. You can follow this link to the ‘GSU’ list to determine if you can apply directly from high school on this website.

Good skills in Mathematics are also recommended.

A satisfactory English language test is required for all applicants.

Application Documents


Transcripts and certificates from all previous academic education should be submitted. Copies of transcripts and degrees should be certified as true copies and include an overview of the grade scale used, indicating best and poorest grade and last pass grade. Transcripts not in English or a Scandinavian language must be accompanied by a certified English translation.


For all international and Norwegian applicants, a satisfactory English language test is required. Read more about the requirements


In the Letter of Motivation, you should explain what your ambitions/dreams are and how this relates to your choice of a programme at our school. We would also like to know why you want to study in Norway. The Letter of Motivation should be about 1 page and must be written in English.


A short CV/resume listing your education (school name, degree, and dates, and the number of years) and work experience (employer's name, type of work, time of duration, dates, etc.) as well as personal information, including extra-curricular activities. Most importantly, include your full postal/mailing address and your e-mail address. The CV must be typed and must be written in English.


All applicants must include a certified true copy of their passport showing nationality, name and valid dates. Please provide certified true copies of previous residency permits to Norway as well.


All international applicants must submit a personal financial plan. The financial plan is a general overview of how you intend to finance your degree and living expenses. Please click on the link to download the financial plan template.


The priority application deadline for the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Bachelor of Data Science for Business programme is March for international applicants and 15 April for Norwegian applicants. BI offers rolling admission thereafter, based on availability. Applicants from outside the EU must apply by July to allow time for securing a student residence visa. 

International applicants: If you are going to complete Secondary Education/High School or one year of full-time studies at the university level in spring, please choose “International education (graduating spring)” as your application background. If you choose the above-mentioned application background, you will be able to apply for admission within the priority deadline and to submit your documentation as soon as you have received it.

All applicants must submit original or certified true copies of documentation. Applicants who have submitted certified true copies must show original documentation upon arrival. We do not accept electronic versions of transcripts and English tests sent by mail.

Please note that we only discuss the application procedure with the applicants themselves, and not with any other parties (parents, spouses, etc.) If you want others to contact us on your behalf, we need a signed authorization document from you.

If you are in doubt whether you are eligible to apply for one of our bachelor’s degree programmes, please contact us.


BI in collaboration with Jönköping University has created a joint BI-JU Pathway Programme, designed for international students as a bridge towards a Bachelor of Business Administration or the Bachelor of Data Science for Business degree at BI. If you are in doubt whether you are eligible for admission to one of our undergraduate programmes, please contact our admissions office.

Applicants who do not meet our admission requirements are invited to explore our BI-JU Pathway programme that would build the foundation of courses we require to seek admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Data Science for Business programmes. For more information please visit the Pathway Programme website. The BI-JU Pathway programme is hosted at Jönköping University in Sweden (Campus Gränna). Upon successful completion of the pathway programme, you will be eligible to seek admission into the first year of BI's English-language bachelor’s programmes in Oslo, Norway.


Last updated 13 September 2021