Admission requirements

Executive Master of Management

To gain admission to this experience-based Master degree, you need both academic background and work experience.

The Admission Requirements are:

  • A completed Bachelor degree, equivalent of 180 officially recognised credits from a university or university college.
  • You are at least 25 years of age
  • You have 4 years full-time work experience. If you have a prior Master degree, the requirement is 3 years full-time work experience.

When calculating work experience, several criteria apply: The work experience must have been continuous for at least 6 months. It must be at least a 50 % position. The work experience must be gained at 18 plus years. From these criteria, the work experience must in total consist of at least 4 years full-time. If, for example, you have worked in a 50 % position, 8 years of work experience is required.

Documentation requirement

  • Certified copies of transcripts and degrees (diplomas). Academic records must be accompanied by a certified English translation if the originals are not in English or a Scandinavian language.
  • The work experience must be documented with work testimonials consisting of the following: time of work experience and employment fraction, company logo/heading on the stationary, if possible a stamp.
  • CV
  • Change of name


Admission based on prior learning and work experience 

Applicants for the Master of Management programmes who don’t meet the requirements of a full Bachelor degree as stipulated in the Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies and Examinations, can be admitted based on prior learning and work experience. Applicants must have at least 90 officially recognised credits.

The assessment of prior learning and work experience is based on the following criteria: 

  • Credits above 90
  • Work experience after the age of 25
  • The level of the currently held position
  • Experience from organisation work
  • Own publications
  • Particularly responsible management experience


Requirements to obtain the degree Executive Master of Management 

In order to obtain this degree you must have completed a total of 90 credits. You can apply to have external education of up to 30 credits recognised as part of the Executive Master of Management degree. This education must be at Master level, must have a management perspective and be based on experience or in connection with further and continuing education connected to your work.

Recognition of other education 

Students can get recognition for external education up to 30 ECTS credits as part of the Executive Master of Management degree.

In order to get recognised external education incorporated into the degree, it is a condition that the education is accredited, at master level and that it has a management perspective. In addition, the education must be experience based or that the student has undertaken this education in connection with further and continuing education connected to his or her work.

External education that is approved in accordance with a master's programme must in principle be a programme of 30 credits. If external education consists of smaller units, the units must be such that together they can be regarded as one general topic that corresponds to the overall learning outcome descriptions for the Executive Master of Management degree at BI Norwegian Business School. The minimum unit that can be approved must be a minimum of 7.5 ECTS credits.

The degree programme must be completed at BI, and it is not possible to complete external courses at other institutions concurrently while enrolled in the third and final master programme at BI.

Requests for transferring credits from other institutions must be done at the time of starting the first Master of Management programme, as no pre-assessments are made, or at the latest at the time of application to the second Master of Management programme. Completed applications should be submitted to