Admission requirements

Master of Science in Finance – QTEM Masters Network

This page outlines the specific admission requirements for this programme. In addition, you must meet the general requirements for Master of Science.


1.1 Undergraduate Degree
a) A successfully completed Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS credits) in the field of business administration, finance, or economics. 


b) A successfully completed Bachelor’s degree with a specialisation (minimum 80 ECTS credits) in one of the following, provided that the combination of courses gives a good foundation for further studies within finance:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics*
  • Accounting

1.2 The Bachelor’s degree should include the following courses, or equivalent**:

  • Foundations in Economics and/or finance
  • Mathematics*
  • Statistics or Econometrics

1.3 Some applicants may qualify for a one-year-add-on-programme
Applicants who successfully completed the four-year Master in Business and Economics (Siviløkonom) with a specialisation in Finance can apply for admission to a one-year add-on programme (+1-model) and will be individually assessed for admission.

*Equivalent courses may include Calculus, Algebra, Quantitative Methods, Differential Equations, or other courses in which mathematics were taught and applied. Applicants need to include the relevant course syllabus(es) with their application to determine that applicants satisfy this requirement.

**Based on an overall assessment, an applicant may receive a conditional offer of admission if the student lacks preparation in these courses in the Bachelor’s degree. The applicant will be required to take a preparatory course before the start of the academic year to fulfill this condition. BI Norwegian Business School offers a relevant preparatory course in July/August each year.



In addition to the entry requirements for all MSc degree programmes, the following requirements must be met:

  • An average grade of B in quantitative courses (e.g. Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance, and Econometrics or Research Methods)
  • A competitive GMAT score of 600 (target score of 650 preferred) or the equivalent GRE score. All applicants for QTEM programmes must order an official copy of their GMAT score to be sent to both BI Norwegian Business School (institution code 0529) and to the QTEM Central Office in Brussels (programme code: GMAT). GRE Institution Code: 7365

Please note:
The admission requirements above are minimum requirements. We recommend that applicants have a strong foundation in basic mathematics and statistics, economics, and finance to be successful in this degree programme. Applicants from a non-business background are recommended to complete a course or courses in Financial Accounting and Financial Management prior to beginning the programme. Students could make use of the following online courses by Harvard Business Publishing:

Grades are posted using the ECTS scale.