Laws and regulations

On this page you will find BI's Academic Regulations and links to laws and regulations that apply to students at BI.


BI's Academic regulations 2020-2021

Regulations relating to Admission, Studies and Examinations
at BI Norwegian Business School

Chapter 1 - General regulations

CHAPTER 2 – Application for admission and contractual obligations

CHAPTER 3 – Studies, admission to a course or specific programme of study

CHAPTER 4 – Degrees and diplomas

CHAPTER 5 – Examination

CHAPTER 6 - Entry into Force

BI's academic regulations 2021-2022

enter into force from 1 August 2021


The Norwegian Parliament has prohibited the use of face-covering clothing in an educational setting. At all universities and colleges, it is forbidden for students and employees to use clothing that completely or partially covers the face. The law only applies in settings of teaching and instruction, and does not apply during breaks or in other areas at the institution. Violation of the provision may ultimately result in expulsion.
Act relating to Universities and and University Colleges § 7-9_Norwegian

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