Verification of diplomas for third parties

BI Norwegian Business School began issuing electronic diplomas, certificates and transcripts in the fall of 2017. Security is much better with digital documents and better than traditional diplomas, certificates and transcripts on paper. Part of the reason for making the transition was to instil more trust in documents being issued by BI.

Students who completed their degree at BI in the spring of 2017 or later will receive their diplomas in a digital format, while students who completed their studies at BI before the spring of 2017 can request to have their diplomas and/or certificates generated in a digital format.

When it comes to verification of courses/studies taken at BI, two portals are worth mentioning: The Digital Certificate portal and the Diploma Registry/Vitnemålsportalen.


The student will find his or her digital diploma via the Digital Certificate portal, once the diploma is made. Students will have access to this portal via BI's student portal.
A digital diploma can easily be shared with third-parties, or the student can order a paper version. In such cases, the third party will be sent an e-mail with details about how to create a username to access the document in question.

Digital certificates from someone who studied at BI are much more secure than diplomas and certificates issued on paper. Please note that the diploma normally consists of three parts: a Certificate, a Transcript of records and a diploma supplement.

Diploma Registry/Vitnemålsportalen

BI connected to the Diploma Registry/Vitnemålsportalen in the autumn of 2018 (www.vitnemalsportalen.no/english). The Diploma Registry was developed on assignment from the Ministry of Education and Research. It is the place where students can find an overview of all courses taken at BI and/or any other institutions in Norway.

The Diploma Registry replaces the old BI Transcript of Grades. A person who studied at BI can easily share results from study courses with third parties using this portal. Ask the student to share the results with you via the Diploma Registry. This is a safe, easy and secure process. Until further notice, the Diploma Registry will not provide information about degrees achieved at BI.

Only students with a Norwegian social security number will obtain transcript from the Diploma Registry.

Contact information

If the person does not share the results via the Diploma Registry/Vitnemålsportalen or the Digital Certificate portal, please contact BI. 

The following information must appear on your enquiry:

  • Student's full name, including any previous names and date of birth
  • Degree/title/study/courses that were achieved, and the year it was achieved
  • A signed authorisation from the student
  • Copy/scanned version of the document that needs to be verified (if available)

BI does not have the opportunity to provide any information about diplomas or certificates of completion beyond this, due to privacy issues. 

BI may charge a fee for verification.



Only exchange students and students without a Norwegian social security number can have transcripts from BI issued to them. Students with a Norwegian social security number will be referred to the Diploma Registry/Vitnemålsportalen and can easily share a transcript with a third party through this portal.

Course certificate

Students who have completed studies, programmes or courses worth 60 credits or less will be able to receive a digital course certificate. This can be shared with a third party via the Digital Certificate portal.


Students who have completed a degree at BI will be issued a digital diploma. This can be shared with a third party via the Digital Certificate portal.  Students who have achieved the following degrees will have the diploma sent automatically:

  • College Candidate, approximately 1 October
  • Bachelor's degree, approximately 1 October
  • Executive Master of Management, approximately 1 October
  • Master of Science, approximately 31 October
  • MBA, by graduation
  • PhD, by disputas

Students must submit a request for the diploma if they have:

  • Studied a Bachelor of Management 
  • Ended his or her studies before the spring of 2017
  • Previously received a diploma, certificate and/or improved grades who want this to be shown on the diploma
  • Those who need their records before they are generated automatically (does not apply to MSc)

Date on the diploma for awarded degree:
The diploma will state the date when the degree was awarded. That date is 30 June for those who completed a degree in the spring semester, and 30 December for those who completed a degree in the fall semester.

Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement provides complementary descriptions of the degree the student achieved. For more information about the Diploma Supplement, see NOKUT's websites.


BI has implemented a Digital Certificate solution to protect the students from fraud. The Digital Certificate solution persists of a digital portal for viewing and sharing Certificates and a production environment that lets us produce printed Certificates using cutting-edge patented security features to prevent alteration and forged documents.

Due to the high risk of fraud and forgery BI has made a strategic decision to be "digital first" when it comes to production of Certificates. By producing the students Certificates digitally the students have the options to log on to BIs student portal and share their documents in a securely. By sharing their documents digitally the student give third parties like universities and future employers the opportunity to see and verify the students results in a protected environment. BI can vouch for the authenticity of the documents since the documents are accessed on BIs closed servers.

If the students want a printed version of their documents it can be ordered in the student portal. The printed version of the documents use watermarked paper, holographic visual deterrent and multi-coloured micro-numismatic UV among others.

When relying on university stamps and signatures for verification of authenticity, there is always a risk for fraud. By producing Certificates with built in security in both secure printers and paper used, we have eliminated the need for anyone to alter the documentation after it has been produced and therefore minimizing the risk of fraud and forgery. The documents are also equipped with a QR code that lets you verify the origin and authenticity of the document by using an ordinary QR scanner.

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Last updated 5 May 2020