Course description

EBA 00x3 Mathematics for Business Analytics


This is a basic course in mathematics. The course is a compulsory part of the Bachelor of Science in Business. The course will be taught during the first year over two semesters. It consists of an introductory part in the autumn semester, and an advanced part in the rest of the autumn semester and the spring semester.

Course content

  • Elementary algebra
  • Mathematics of finance and series
  • Functions and graphs
  • Exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Derivation with applications
  • Integration
  • Linear algebra and matrix algebra
  • Functions of several variables

Learning outcome knowledge

After completing the course, the student will have broad understanding of concepts, methods and theories in matematics. The student will have broad knowledge of algebra, functions in one or several variables, financial mathematics, derivation and integration, and linear algebra, and specialized knowledge of how mathematical models and methods can be used in economics.