Course description



This is a basic mathematics course that spans two semesters. It aims to prepare the student for quantitative courses in economics and finance. The first semester (autumn) covers basic mathematical skills in algebra, equations, inequalities, functions and their graphs, and differentiation. The second semester (spring) focuses on more advanced calculus and some financial mathematics.

Course content

  • Basic algebra
  • Solving equations and inequalities. Systems of equations
  • Functions and graphs
  • Differentiation and its use in economics
  • Basic financial mathematics
  • Basic integration
  • Functions of two variables. Partial differentiation and Langrange's method
  • Determinants and Cramer's rule

Learning outcome knowledge

Students will get to know a wide area of mathematical topics relevant to subjects in business administration such as statistics, finance and economics.

Exam organisation

  • Written assignment: 0 (pass/fail)
  • Multiple choice: 20%
  • Written assignment: 0 (pass/fail)
  • Written exam: 80%