Course description

Organization and Change


This course provides the students with a relevant theoretical and practical background for understanding and influencing organizational processes including Management, Leadership, Organizational Development and Change(ODC) and Social Responsibility explicitly presented through the Business Conduct Guidelines of an organization.

Course content

  • Introduction to organization theory and classification of theories
  • Making sense of organizations
  • An introduction to the Four Frames of managerial thinking (structural, human, political and symbolic) and the reframing process
  • Organizational mapping, structuring, and reengineering
  • Organizing groups along with teams, and reducing resistance to change further by organizational communication
  • People in Organizations- how to hire, invest and empower employees
  • How to build and implement a human resource strategy
  • Recruiting procedures including Personal Traits and Role Theory
  • Defining Organization Development and Change (ODC) – a brief history of ODC, interventions as of organization theories
  • Managing ODC processes - diagnoses, interventions, Action Research and ethical guidelines
  • Social Responsibility and Business Conduct Guidelines
  • Case Studies based on organizational problems in real organizations
  • Summary, recapitulation, preparation for the examination

Learning outcome knowledge

During the course students shall:

  • Acquire understanding of how organizational theory deals with how to design organizations
  • Develop understanding of Management and leadership, including personal traits and role theory, as well as Bolsman & Deal's four different managerial ways (frames) to view an organization.
  • Acquire knowledge of Organizational Development and Change (ODC) theory.

Exam organisation

  • Multiple choice: 0 (pass/fail)
  • Home exam: 100%