Course description

Decision Optimasation using Excel (Planned autumn 2021)


Complete course description will be ready summer 2021.

This course covers the required quantitative methods in order to evaluate what an optimal decision is. Practical examples ranging from finance to marketing to logistics will be used to expose students to a set of decision making tools.


The goal is to learn the quantitative METHODS and the main point of using the examples will be to learn the methods, not to learn about the context in which the methods are used.

Course content

  • Linear programming
  • Non-linear programming
  • Integer programming
  • Queueing models,
  • Simple simulation models
  • Optimisation models (demand forecasting, inventory planning, facility location, etc…)
  • Excel for decision making

Learning outcome knowledge

After having completed this course, students should be familiar with various tools for making optimal decisions used in many different domains.