Course description

Global Economy


The purpose of the course:
The course is an introduction to the key supranational and intergovernmental organizations that regulate international economic activity, with particular emphasis on the historical background, structure and function of the WTO and the EU. Special attention is devoted to the sustainability challenge and regimes of relevance to marketing and consumer issues, as well as how the international civil society is strengthened as a key player in forming public opinion.

Course content

  • Global political economy - theory and framework
  • Globalisation
  • International regimes for trade and cooperation (including WTO, IMF, WB, EU, EEA)
  • The international monetary and financial system
  • Economic development
  • The global environmental challenge

Learning outcome knowledge

Students will gain a basic understanding of the global economy, and understand how organizations, in particular the WTO and the EU, contribute to regulation of international economic activity. They will learn how different theoretical perspectives lead to different conclusions regarding current major issues such as free trade, economic development, the global financial system and environmental change. Furthermore, they will learn how national political economy connects with international politics.

Exam organisation

  • Written exam: 40%
  • Written assignment: 60%