Course description

Managing International Operations


Multinational enterprises are key actors in international business, and this course will focus on strategy and management of multinational enterprises. This entails looking at how multinationals expand internationally, how they manage and coordinate activities across borders, and leadership and management challenges of complex, multinational organizations.

Course content

The course covers various aspects of strategy, management and operations of multinational enterprises. The sessions are based on on a combination of textbook chapters, journal articles, teaching cases and class discussion to analyse and understand multinational firms. Topics include:

  • Introduction: the Multinational Company (MNC)
  • Foreign operating modes
  • Strategy and structure of MNCs
  • Managing risk in international business
  • Cultural and institutional differences
  • International human resource management
  • Employees and industrial relations
  • Global production networks
  • Knowledge sharing in MNCs
  • Social and environmental responsibilities in MNCs

Learning outcome knowledge

Students will be able to define and apply knowledge about:

  • The specific challenges of managing multinational companies
  • How to coordinate and integrate activities across countries
  • How multinational companies respond to the challenges and opportunities of national differences across countries they operate in


Exam organisation

  • Presentation and discussion: 40%
  • Written assignment: 20%
  • Written assignment: 40%