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The customer meeting – sales and service in retailing


The sales experience is vital to the existence of any market-dependent company, and the sales force constitutes the power that in practice must secure revenue and build the store as a brand. Understanding the importance of communication as an active means to persuade and influence existing and potential new customers in a wanted direction is part of the sales term.

Course content

  • Introduction to customer meeting, professional retail sales, to training and work requirements
  • Thematic lecture schedule:

Achieve your sales targets:

  • How to achive your sales targets
  • Sales profession in stores
  • Input factors that influence sales
  • The meeting with the customer
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication


  • Reciprocity
  • Consistency
  • Social proof
  • Sympathy
  • Authority
  • Scarcity

Achieve your sales targets - continued

  • The sales process
  • Purchasing Process
  • Retail Sales
  • Customer Care
  • Personal service
  • Customer Complaints
  • Structure of sales work
  • Ethics in Sales
  • Personal development and training


  • Tasks: Mystery shopping - team collaboration
  • Training Plans
  • Peer review
    In order to promote learning between students, a student-helper-student system is used. Students are instructed in how to systematically give feedback to fellow students and document assessment in analyzing behavior in the customer meeting.

Peer review assessment alternates between students and represent a good preparation for the development of a formal training plan - see the learning process.


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