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Artificial Intelligence - Technologies and Applications


There is currently a lot of hype and fear around AI, for example claims that super-intelligent machines will conquer the world, and we will all lose our jobs. The main course objectives are to demystify AI, learn AI methods, learn how AI is put into practice in businesses, and learn to assess the potential benefits of AI. 

This course gives an introduction to some key AI technologies and applications; including:

  • Algorithms: search, constraint satisfaction problems, machine learning. 
  • Knowledge representation; graphs, ontologies and the semantic web.
  • AI applications: computer vision and robotics.

The course will also provide many examples of AI uses and the reality of AI technologies today, and an outlook on the future and impact on jobs.

Course content


  • Overview of AI: definitions, history, hype, and predictions about the future
  • AI applications: computer vision, autonomous vehicles, and more
  • Machine Learning-based methods: artificial neural networks
  • Search-based methods
  • Knowledge-based methods and onthologies
  • The future of AI


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