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Auditing, advanced


The course builds on the knowledge of GRA 6219 Auditing, theory and methodology and together with this, gives the necessary insight in the theoretical and applied auditing practice nationally and internationally. The course is the final course in the mandatory part of Master of Accounting and Auditing and integrates the knowledge of other courses in the programme.

Course content

Topics: Audit process, considering the risk of fraud, internal control over financial reporting, internal and IT audit, audit report and communicating with the users, quality assurance and public supervision.

Topics to be covered:

  • Audit and assurance services
  • In-depth understanding of internal control and international requirements of "Internal control over financial reporting"
  • In-depth understanding for the auditor's responsibility to discover and report on fraud
  • The main elements of the audit process
  • Gathering and evaluating audit evidence, understanding how information technology and "big data" influence the audit and how the audit can be supported though IT-tools in a digitized world
  • Introduction to internal auditing - considering the work of internal auditors and how to build on the work of internal auditors
  • Introduction to auditing in the public sector
  • Communication with the management, board and the shareholders
  • Issuing the audit report
  • Internal and external quality control
  • Public supervision with the auditors and audit firms and sanctions


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