Excerpt from course description

B2B marketing and sale


B2B is a widely used international abbreviation for Business to Business. The course deals with sales and marketing when other companies and organizations are customers. Business market is considered to be greater than the consumer market internationally, and Norwegian companies have other businesses and organizations that customers in particular a large extent. Marketing and sales to businesses are often more complicated than for consumers and imposes special requirements. Personal sales and relationship development is considered to be particularly important when other companies are customers. In selling the concept included personal communications that actively achiev affected an existing or a future customer in the desired direction.

Course content

  • Environmental management and corporate social responsibility
  • The importance of interaction and cooperation is business markets
  • Organizational buying behavior
  • Understanding business relationships: Analysis, establishment and development of buyer-seller relations
  • Segmentation in B2B marketing
  • Product strategy and marketing of raw materials
  • Price strategy and value based pricing
  • Personal sales with introduction to CRM- systems
  • The sales process and sales support systems
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Direct marketing in the B2B market
  • Implementing CRM systems
  • Sales management with CRM system


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