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Bachelor Thesis - Digital Communication and Marketing


The bachelor thesis is a sizeable capstone project for the digital communication and marketing bachelor program. The thesis is written individually or in groups of up to three students, where working in groups is recommended. 

Students have a choice of completing a 1) traditional bachelor thesis where the research question is based on theoretical phenomenon they wish to examine or 2) a practical thesis where the research question is based on a practical problem. More information is under course content. 

Course content

The topic of the thesis is chosen by the students, and must be related to digital communication and marketing. More specific requirements could be announced at the beginning of the course.

A traditional bachelor thesis will follow the typical steps involved in the scientific process, from defining the research question to the conclusion. For this type of thesis, the research question is based on theoretical concepts, current research will be examined and addressed, data will be collected and analyzed to examine the theoretical concepts named, findings are discussed, and a conclusion is drawn. 

A practical bachelor thesis requires close cooperation with an organization, which the student initiates and manages. The research question is formed in accordance with the organization's wishes and guidance from the supervisor. The research question should be based on a practical task, and is subsequently viewed through the lens of relevant current research in the theory section of the thesis. The thesis must include a research definition, theory, description of the project, discussion of the practical task, conclusion, and other topics which the student or supervisor deems worthy of inclusion.


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